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Shelita M. Anderson is an author. Reading and writing from a young age. Shelita has published three children’s books, “What God Says About Me”, “I Think Myself Happy” and “God’s Creation I Can See”. Her books are enjoyed by children of all ages and are adult friendly as well.

Shelita’s life mission is to write for, inspire, encourage and uplift people of all ages and to bring a word of hope to the world. Shelita was born in Houston, TX. She is a wife, mother and minister, who is dedicated to pray for others and teaching the Word of God. She is a Registered Nurse and has worked in healthcare for many years.

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  1. Hi Shelita,

    Just dropping by to say hello and introduce myself. I’ll be at the NBF in Texas teaching a class on marketing. Please check out my author services

    See you in Texas

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